Cooling Fans

Due to the extreme power of the lithium batteries, the brushless motors and controllers, all these electric components become pretty hot in normal conditions, up to very hot on sunny days.

All heat development goes hand in hand with power loss, so proper cooling of all these components in the car are extremely important. 
The Team Corally high speed cooling fans have been specially designed to guarantee maximum heat dissipation. Our cooling fans have an airflow that is up to 50% higher than that of normal fans of the same size.

The quality and the special way in which these fans are constructed also means that the Team Corally high speed fans have a longer lifespan and are more resistant to the impacts that the cars have to cope with.

The high speed cooling fans are available with a special connector to plug directly into the controller or with a BEC plug which can be plugged into a free channel of the receiver to power the fan. No more excuse not to cool your electronics.

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