Lipo Safety Bags

Every racer and user of lithium batteries knows the possible dangers of explosions and fires associated with lithium batteries during use, charging and storage. A safe fire retardant safety bag for lithium batteries should be part of the mandatory standard package of every hobbyist and racer. There are many model racing clubs and competition organizers that require the use of these fire retardant safety bags.
However, many of these bags on the market claim that they do their job properly and are safe, the reality is different. We as Team Corally test all our products and can guarantee that they do their work properly.
We have 2 types in our assortment, the cheaper sports versions and the more expensive luxury version. The difference between both products is in the finish and the materials used. The sport safety bags meet the minimum protection to stop the first flames during a reaction. However, if you want a complete and better protection, we certainly recommend the more expensive but also more protective luxury version.

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